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Getting Started

The Four Steps to ISO Certification

four steps to certification getting startedDAS Certification aims to work with our clients to make the certification process as straight forward as possible. Certification requires a four step process, which is outlined below. Throughout the process, DAS Certification will work with you to remove the “red tape” to make the certification process as simple as possible. Whilst there are regulatory requirements that need to be addressed, DAS Certification will work with you to achieve the common goal – your certification.

Download the "Four steps to Certification" fact sheet.

At DAS Certification we believe our key role in the certification process is to assist our clients in achieving their certification goals. Whilst there are minimum standards that need to be achieved, the ISO Certification process is flexible and DAS Certification is able to develop client specific solutions.

Click here for a Fact Sheet on the common misconceptions concerning ISO Certification.

The four steps to certification can be summarised as follows:

Step 1: Systems Assessment. 

At this stage, DAS Certification assesses your documented system to ensure that it meets the basic requirements of the ISO Standards. During this phase, we are not assessing the effectiveness or efficiency of the system; simply that there is a system. The system does not have to be perfect nor does every process need to be documented; there just has to be a system. As part of the assessment process, where there are weaknesses within the system, DAS Certification will advise as to what these weaknesses are and will assist you in identifying appropriate corrective actions.   

As a third party certification body, DAS Certification is not able to assist clients with the development of their system. For those clients who are yet to develop their system, DAS Certification can provide direction as to how this element can be achieved.  

Outcome: At the successful completion of Step 1, your Company has been assessed as having a documented management system and the administrative elements have been completed to proceed with the certification process.         

Step 2:  Stage 1 Audit. 

DAS Certification will undertake an assessment of your documented system against the outcomes defined by the respective Standard.  If there are areas that require development, DAS Certification will provide a formal report as to what they are and how to address them.  Effectively, DAS Certification assesses your system and provides action points for its development.  This process may occur on-site or as a desktop analysis.  If the assessment is being undertaken off-site, DAS Certification will advise what documentation is required.

Outcome: Your system has been assessed as fulfilling all of the mandatory elements of the ISO Standards and that the key processes have been implemented (i.e. your system is compliant with the requirements of the Standard).

Step 3: Stage 2 Audit. 

DAS Certification undertakes an on-site audit to ensure that you are following your documented procedures and that the outcome from the respective processes adds value to the organisation. This occurs at a mutually agreeable time and date. If DAS Certification identifies any issues, these are documented and appropriate corrective actions are determined.  Provided that the issues are not critical, certification is recommended on the day. In the case of critical issues, certification is recommended once these have been resolved.

Outcome: Your business has been assessed as following your documented system, the system is effective and certification is approved.

Step 4: Surveillance Audit. 

There is a requirement to undertake a yearly surveillance audit to ensure that you continue to comply with your system.

Outcome: Continued Certification.