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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does my system need to be “perfect” to seek ISO Certification?

There is a misconception that ISO Certification means perfection. This is not true - all systems have weaknesses. The aim of ISO Certification is to provide organisations with the tools to identify their weaknesses and make informed and timely management decisions. ISO Certification is about Continual Improvement, not perfection. Consequently, your system does not have to be perfect to obtain initial certification. DAS Certification recommends that clients seek certification at the earliest opportunity in order to maximise the benefits which certification provides.  

Question: Do I need to change my system to meet the ISO requirements? 

The ISO Standards do not mandate “how” a system is to operate; they only provide guidance on the elements that should be considered when developing a management system. At DAS Certification, we firmly believe that your management system must work for your organisation. DAS Certification has no preconceived ideas as to “what” your system must look like. Rather, we are focussed in ensuring that it delivers the required outcomes as defined by the respective Standard. Our advice is “Do not change your system as part of the certification process; simply ensure that you are operating in accordance with your existing system”.   

Question: Is ISO Certification difficult to obtain and maintain? 

The ISO Certification process need not be difficult, noting that there are a number of mandatory elements that need to be completed. At DAS Certification, our aim is to make this process as simple as possible by working with our clients to achieve a common goal - Certification of your Management System. DAS Certification achieves this by informing, guiding and empowering our clients to ensure that the certification solution provided fits your business model.   

Question: Are Certification Bodies the gatekeepers to ISO certification?

DAS Certification aims to practise what we preach. ISO Certification should add value to your business as should the process by which it is obtained.  DAS Certification considers itself to be a service provider that delivers a value-added service, by facilitating the certification process.  We do not see ourselves as a gatekeeper who manages the right of passage to certification.  Our aim is to partner with your Company to achieve ISO Certification.     

Question: Do different Certification Bodies offer different services?

“ISO” comes from the Greek meaning “the same”. All accredited Certification Bodies provide the same level of certification. There is no difference in the value of the certificate or the logo that they provide. The differences are in the method by which it is provided, not the product.  DAS Certification prides itself on delivering a personalised, professional service at a competitive price.  Our focus is on the long-term whereby we look to develop a lasting business partnership with our clients within an environmental of mutual trust and respect.   

Download a “Debugging ISO Certification” Information Sheet.